The strength of the slope is increased by soil nailing (drilling and grouting in high strength bars).Sinorock will pay extra attention to the drainage of the slope, installing inclined drains where necessary. This helps with the longevity of the project, and the stability of the slope or face.

Depending on your project,Sinorock’s soil nailing installations are either temporary or permanent. We’ll use either steel, fiberglass or hollow self drilling tendons. This will offer you the most cost effective, but best option for your project based on the individual characteristics of your slope.

Soil nailing is an affordable, easy solution for many of the problems homeowners face with retaining walls, unstable soil, and construction jobs. If you are in need of soil nailing for civil work, trust Sinorock. Locally owned and operated, Sinorock has the experience and expertise needed to complete your soil nailing job in a safe and efficient manner. Because soil nailing is most often used to hold walls up and prevent collapse, trusting amateur contractors may put your retaining wall or home at risk.