To stabilize the whole ground by producing resistance against collapse using reinforcement materials such as soil nails, or by protecting the surface of cut slopes and unstable natural slopes.

The soil nailing system supporting is a new supporting technology developed in recent years used for soil slope stability and the excavation.Sinorock has various soil nails for different conditions.

R thread self drilling soil nail is a good unity of anchor nut, anchor plate, anchor coupler, drill bit, centralizer and hollow anchor bar which can be cut and lengthened by coupling on different request.For it’s superior reliability and extensive application which includes railway system, metro project and infrastructure development.As a newer construction technology, iswidely used in many fields.In return, it has won lots of praise from our various clients. 

T thread soil nail is especially used in the unsteady geological conditions, such as sand, gravel, silt, clays and the soft to medium fractured rock formations.So at that condition a targeted product is more valuable and emergency. Meanwhile the traditional construction problems will no longer be the problem.On the other hand, the flexible and simple installation process can obviously increase the efficiency of some temporary supporting projects.

Sinorock offers a wide range of in-stock soil nail system with on time delivery commitments, customer and technical service, and a parts and repair service center. Our sales team works to create and maintain a partnership with our customers, listening to their views and ideas to ensure that future development remains focused on providing a range of products optimally suited to their changing needs.

We take pride in giving our clients the best possible service and products backed up by decades of knowledge and experience.Our expertise and range of services are second to none. 

Whether you're local government, a contractor or a consultant, we guarantee you'll get exceptional results from us.