As one of the important support in civil construction, underground project and slope stabilization. Soil nails are extensively used on all types of projects, from standard buildings to dams and nuclear power plants.And Sinorock soil nails can suit for various kind of construction.

It doesn’t matter which coating you choose other than what is going to be best for your project. There are many different applications for either coating and as a contractor or builder you are most likely familiar with what coating that you are going to need.

Once the decision has been made to use hot dip galvanizing to provide corrosion protection for the steel, the design engineer should ensure that the pieces can be suitably fabricated for high quality galvanizing.Among these,self drilling soil nail is outstanding.The self drilling soil nail manufactured by Sinorock has great quality and reasonable price. The products are exported to more than 20 countries and used in many kind of applications, like tunneling, mining, hydroelectric station and civil construction.

Sinorock self drilling soil nail can be installed into a variety of different soils and ground conditions ranging from sand and gravel to inconsistent fill, boulders,rubble and weathered rock, as well as through footings and base slabs.