Sinorock provides a range of rock anchors and soil nailing solutions for the construction industry.Rock anchors are generally post-tensioned tendons installed and secured into the underlying rock.The anchoring force is transmitted to the surrounding rock by either cement grout, resin or mechanical means. Rock anchors can be installed in drill holes with any inclination.Sinorock is experienced in both small and large scale rock anchor installations for both private and commercial sector projects.

Rock anchors are used primarily in the following situations:

Full anchoring of retaining walls

For the stabilisation of eccentrically loaded foundations

In the stabilisation of slopes and rock walls or cuts

For systematic rock stabilisation and local support for underground excavations

For the stabilisation for uplift purposes as, for example, in structures in ground water

 Rock bolting projects completed by Sinorock include:

Rock bolting a deep excavation, Newquay, Cornwall

Rock bolting the face of a deep excavation in Truro, Cornwall

 Rock anchoring and soil nailing

Soil nailing is used in soil or loose rock. Soil nails transfer forces into the ground by means of a steel tendon or bar. The stressing end of the nail may use a nut or a plate, or wedges and a wedge plate depending on the type of tendon used.

Soil nailing or anchors are used in the following situations:

The anchoring of support structures for excavations such as sheet piling or trench boxes

The stabilisation of slopes

The transfer of external tensile forces to the ground, such as in the use of guy wires for towers

In the stabilisation of very eccentrically loaded foundations

 Projects completed by Sinorock include:

Guy wire anchors for a BBC mast at Longdowns, Cornwall

Rock bolting, shotcreting and meshing at residential property, Falmouth, Cornwall

Rock bolting and meshing for residential property, Feock, Cornwall

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