Soil nailing is a way to reinforce a retaining wall (or other structure). It's an anchoring technique that uses the mass of the soil behind a wall as inertia to keep the wall in the proper position.Sinorock manufacturer self drilling soil nail system for rock reinforcement development,the Sinorock self drilling soil nail system is a dynamic bolt that yields to and withstand changing ground conditions. It is “a one-pass system, with no need for any grouting,”The Sinorock self drilling soil nail system is a permanent bolt that is less sensitive to poor ground conditions, such as weak rock mass.

Upon installation of the Soil Nails, Sinorock can undertake testing of the Soil Nails in accordance with ISO2008.

Our case studies provide great examples of some of the outstanding work we have undertaken. These case studies cover soil nails, soil nailing, bearing tension piles, restricted access piles, ground anchors, drilling and grouting, contiguous bored piled walls - other case studies are available. Click on the case study titles for further details on the individual projects.

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