In diverse ground conditions, from gravel, sand, or clay, or on sites with insufficient structural integrity, the Sinorock self-drilling soil nails as micropiles are versatile in their application, quick and reliable in their installation, and compatible with conventional drilling equipment. Once installed, they are an effective means of preventing settlement and helping to increase soil stability.

At Sinorock, we are an experienced distributor of many types of soil nails and other important products. With an expansive range covering over a dozen product categories, we have made ourselves into a convenient, single-point source for these important products. We design all our products in compliance with international quality standards and norms. All our products are manufactured using superior quality high tensile and other material to ensure durability and quality.

The self drilling soil nail manufactured by Sinorock has great quality and reasonable price. The products are exported to more than 20 countries and used in many kind of applications, like tunneling, mining, hydroelectric station and civil construction. Different kind of drill bits can be provided to meet the demands of different rock conditions. With good quality and excellent service, Sinorock has won great reputation from all over the world.