Soil nail is a tool for measuring the anchoring force with small size, light weight, portable, simple operation, and security
features.Soil nail has these advantages,In gravel layer, sand and gravel soil pore-forming, using the soil nail could save casing, at the
same time of pore forming injection slurry consolidation of hole wall, preventing slumping hole, simplified the construction procedures,
saved the cost, shorten the time limit for a project, has good economic and social benefits.
Today,Sinorock is currently the market leader in the soil nailing industry. We have earned the confidence and trust of mining, tunneling,
slope founadtion, contractors and hydroelectric. The manufacturer’s creative cost controls, reliable quality control measures, ability to
meet deadlines, and consistent high quality standards drive the manufacturer’s success.
Sinorock offers a wide range of in-stock soil nail system with on time delivery commitments, customer and technical service, and a parts
and repair service center. Our sales team works to create and maintain a partnership with our customers, listening to their views and
ideas to ensure that future development remains focused on providing a range of products optimally suited to their changing needs.
Sinorock has advanced production technology and innovation to improve the safety and productivity performance of our customers in the
mining, tunneling and civil construction industries.
Sinorock and our staff have successfully completed a variety of soil nailing projects throughout all the world . These projects have
covered a wide array of projects including residential projects up to large scale commercial projects.Sinorock works closely with several
Geotechnical and Structural Engineering firms and works in both the realm of design build or plans and specs projects.