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Soil nails are extensively used on all types of projects

Le 22 October 2016, 08:24 dans Humeurs 0

As one of the important support in civil construction, underground project and slope stabilization. Soil nails are extensively used on all types of projects, from standard buildings to dams and nuclear power plants.And Sinorock soil nails can suit for various kind of construction.

It doesn’t matter which coating you choose other than what is going to be best for your project. There are many different applications for either coating and as a contractor or builder you are most likely familiar with what coating that you are going to need.

Once the decision has been made to use hot dip galvanizing to provide corrosion protection for the steel, the design engineer should ensure that the pieces can be suitably fabricated for high quality galvanizing.Among these,self drilling soil nail is outstanding.The self drilling soil nail manufactured by Sinorock has great quality and reasonable price. The products are exported to more than 20 countries and used in many kind of applications, like tunneling, mining, hydroelectric station and civil construction.

Sinorock self drilling soil nail can be installed into a variety of different soils and ground conditions ranging from sand and gravel to inconsistent fill, boulders,rubble and weathered rock, as well as through footings and base slabs.


The features of R&T thread self drilling soil nail

Le 19 October 2016, 11:30 dans Humeurs 0

To stabilize the whole ground by producing resistance against collapse using reinforcement materials such as soil nails, or by protecting the surface of cut slopes and unstable natural slopes.

The soil nailing system supporting is a new supporting technology developed in recent years used for soil slope stability and the excavation.Sinorock has various soil nails for different conditions.

R thread self drilling soil nail is a good unity of anchor nut, anchor plate, anchor coupler, drill bit, centralizer and hollow anchor bar which can be cut and lengthened by coupling on different request.For it’s superior reliability and extensive application which includes railway system, metro project and infrastructure development.As a newer construction technology, iswidely used in many fields.In return, it has won lots of praise from our various clients. 

T thread soil nail is especially used in the unsteady geological conditions, such as sand, gravel, silt, clays and the soft to medium fractured rock formations.So at that condition a targeted product is more valuable and emergency. Meanwhile the traditional construction problems will no longer be the problem.On the other hand, the flexible and simple installation process can obviously increase the efficiency of some temporary supporting projects.

Sinorock offers a wide range of in-stock soil nail system with on time delivery commitments, customer and technical service, and a parts and repair service center. Our sales team works to create and maintain a partnership with our customers, listening to their views and ideas to ensure that future development remains focused on providing a range of products optimally suited to their changing needs.

We take pride in giving our clients the best possible service and products backed up by decades of knowledge and experience.Our expertise and range of services are second to none. 

Whether you're local government, a contractor or a consultant, we guarantee you'll get exceptional results from us.


Ensure construction quality during soil nail wall construction

Le 8 September 2016, 12:25 dans Humeurs 0


Soil nail walls are particularly well suited to excavation applications for ground conditions that require vertical or near-vertical cuts and have been shown to be particularly well suited in the following temporary or permanent applications:

· Roadway cut excavations

· Road widening under an existing bridge end

· Tunnel portals

· Hybrid soil nail systems

· Repair and reconstruction of existing retaining structures

· Temporary or permanent excavations in an urban environment


Soil nail wall advantages:

· Can follow irregular curves

· Portability for tight spaces

· Flexible, easily modified techniques

· Installation of soil nail walls is fast and cost-effective

· Less noise and traffic obstructions

· Minimal impact on nearby properties

· Minimum shoring space required

During soil nail wall construction, following tips should be tested to ensure construction quality.


1. Inspection of raw materials.

2.Inspection of grouting strength and sprayed concrete strength.

3. Thickness inspection of sprayed concrete.

4. Soil nail pull-out resistance test.

5. Measurement of support displacement.

6. Inspection of floor state of crack.

7. Observation of surrounding buildings, pipe lines and other facilities.

8. Variation of underground water and leakage water.

During construction process, designed parameter should be adjusted according to problems that have been found to guarantee structures’ stability. It also demands to do inspection work to ensure security, time limit for project and economical efficiency.


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